Teaching Material

Here you can download slides (pdf and sources) for lectures on various themes of the book. The content is offered under the CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Logo so that every user is expected to observe the license conditions.

We list the material following the chapters of the book. Additional lecture material is available at Additional Material.

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Table of contents

  1. The Role of Modeling
  2. Seven Constructs for Modeling Single Agent Behavior
  3. Modeling Concurrent Systems
  4. Modeling Context Awareness (AmbientASMs)
  5. Modeling Business Processes
  6. Modeling Distributed Systems
  7. Syntax and Semantics of ASMs
  8. Debugging System Design
  9. Control State Diagrams (Meta Modeling)

Chapter 1 - The Role of Modeling

Why Modeling?

Why Programming Must be Supported by Modeling

Chapter 2 - Seven Constructs for Modeling Single Agent Behavior

Traffic Lights

Sluice Gate

Package Router


Chapter 3 - Modeling Concurrent Systems

Extrema Finding

Termination Detection

Communicating ASMs

Concurrent ASMs

Chapter 4 - Modeling Context Awareness (AmbientASMs)

Thread Handling modeled by Ambient ASMs

Programming Patterns modeled by Ambient ASMs

Communication Patterns modeled by Ambient ASMs

Chapter 5 - Modeling Business Processes

Web Service Provider

Communicating Business Processes

Sardex Mutual Credit

Equipment Rental

Chapter 6 - Modeling Distributed Systems

AODV Protocol

Relaxed Shared Memory Management

Chapter 7 - Syntax and Semantics of ASMs

Definition of ASMs

Chapter 8 - Debugging System Design

Introduction to the usage of CoreASM

Chapter 9 - Control State Diagrams (Meta Modeling)

Slides explaining the semantics of Control State Diagrams are in preparation. See also the talk at the ABZ 2018 in Southampton!