Errata and Remarks

p. 120
For coherence with the definition of CSDs in Ch. 9 insert in Figure 3.2 a control state between the rule RECEIVEMSSG and the guard KnowledgeImproved
p. 122
REPORT_RESULT has in its guard the conjunct AllAcksArrived(self), as explained in the text but forgotten to be inserted into the rule. Replace in the rule also env by TO env.
p. 129
In line 7-8 from top replace RECEIVED by Received.
p. 133

The penultimate sentence should read: We say that p starts a globally observable step ...

The equation for S_{n+1} is unnecessarily restrictive (due to the implicit interpretation of pgm(p) as turbo ASM). For an operational definition of concurrent ASM run steps which works for arbitrary ASM programs see the slides for Ch. 7 (syntax and semantics of ASMs).

p. 150
Fig.4.6: to keep the naming in the figure sync with the location names used in the textual ASM program, rename in the figure `delegate’ to `component’.
p. 154
In Fig.4.8 and the two ASM programs, the `UntilAck’ should appear as subscript of SEND.
p. 157
Fig.4.9 c): A better name is One-to-many send-receive
p. 186
Figure 5.3 should be replaced by this VPHandleSubReq.pdf. In the new figure, the rule "SendAnswer" after "PrepareAnswer" is removed, because sending is already part of "PrepareAnswer".
p. 213
In listing the elements of route request we have forgotten to insert the function known(rreq) with values in {true,false}.
p. 222
In Fig.6.2, the situation exhibited in (d) can arise if node a_i answers a new route request as intermediate node.